PODCAST: Respiratory viral panels

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Just because you can test for dozens of viruses with a single swab should you? Is this actually measuring a current infection, or a recent virus from which the child has since recovered. And what about the cost? Are these tests expensive (spoiler alert: They are!). Learn about the situations when we should get these panels, and how we can avoid overusing them when we shouldn’t in this tremendous discussion with Dr. Olivia Ostrow and Dr. Kelly Levasseur.

This podcast episode is designed to disseminate the important work of Choosing Wisely, an initiative of the the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, the goal of which is the spark conversations between clinicians and patients about what tests, treatments, and procedures are needed – and which ones are not.

The Choosing Wisely recommendation: Do not obtain comprehensive viral panel testing for patients who have suspected respiratory viral illnesses

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