PODCAST: Respiratory Distress

You are working at Clerkship General when you are called to the resuscitation bay for a 55yo M presenting in respiratory distress.

Initial Vitals

  • Temp 99.9
  • HR 110
  • RR 22
  • BP 122/82
  • O2 82% on BiPAP 10/5 100%FiO2

Critical Actions

  • Correctly interpret CXR #1 (multifocal PNA)
  • Correctly interpret CXR #2 (bilateral PNTX)
  • Treat with Oseltamivir
  • Troubleshoot vent alarm#1 (increase sedation)
  • Troubleshoot vent alarm#2 (place bilateral chest tubes)

Further Reading:

Acute Exacerbation of COPD – EMCrit

COPD – [email protected]

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