PODCasT: RCEM Learning December 2023

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Dec 4, 2023

This month for the December 2023 episode of the RCEM Learning Podcast we welcome our new co-host Liz Farah. Merry Christmas!. We discuss two New in EM segments looking at overnight boarding of older patients in the ED and mortality and looking at the use of opioids in treating back pain. Rob and Liz discuss two guidelines looking at the management of hypertension in the ED and the investigation and management of cauda equina syndrome. We then end with New Online. If you’d like to email us, please feel free to do so here.

(03:10) New in EM – Overnight stays in the ED and mortality in older patients

(24:47) Guidelines for EM – British Hypertension Society and GIRFT Cauda Equina Syndrome Pathway

(58:36) New in EM – Opioids for back pain

(01:22:00) New Online – new articles on RCEMLearning for your CPD

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