Symptoms of stroke – weakness, facial droop, slurred speech. vision loss, vertigo, ataxia, confusion or changes to mental status.

The “typical” stroke workup – blood glucose level, CTH non-con, CTA head/neck, CT Perfusion, CBC BMP Troponin EKG CXR and Coags.

Common stroke mimics – hypoglycemia, drug/alcohol intoxication, Bell’s palsy, aortic dissection, complex migraines, and seizure with Todd’s paralysis.

Management/treatment – thrombolytics (within 4.5 hrs), thrombectomy (within 24 hrs) , and blood pressure control (<185/110 if treating, <220/120 if no treatment).

Remember that time is brain, so move fast! 

AAEM tPA Infographic

AHA Stroke – “Getting the Gist Across Is Enough for Informed Consent for Acute Stroke Thrombolytics”