How to Manage Blast Injuries

September 8, 2023 / Critical Care, EMS, Trauma Written by Michael Stocker Blast injuries combine common polytrauma mechanisms – blunt, penetrating, burns – with the unique pathophysiology of blast

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Prehospital early warning scores for adults with suspected sepsis: retrospective diagnostic cohort study Goodacre1,  Laura Sutton1, 930Ben Thomas1, Hawksworth1,  Khurram Iftikhar2,  Susan Croft2,  Gordon Fuller1,  Simon Waterhouse1,  Daniel Hind1,  Mike Bradburn1,  223Michael Anthony Smyth3,  Gavin D Perkins3,  Mark Millins4,  Andy Rosser5, M Dickson1,  Matthew Joseph Wilson1 Correspondence to Professor Steve

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Ultrasonography in thoracic and abdominal stab wound injury: results from the FETTHA study

Donia Bouzid1,2,3,4,  Alexy Tran-Dinh1,5,6,  Brice Lortat-Jacob5,  Enora Atchade5,  Sylvain Jean-Baptiste5,  Parvine Tashk5,  Aurelie Snauwaert5,  Nathalie Zappella5,  Pascal Augustin5,  Quentin Pellenc7,  Yves Castier1,6,7,  Lara Ribeiro8,  Augustin Gaudemer9,  Antoine Khalil1,9,10,  Philippe Montravers1,5,10, Tanaka5,11  on behalf of the Bichat stab wounds injury

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