Are Patients with Chronic Pain Less Satisfied with Their ED Management Than Non-Chronic Pain Patients?

Michel Galinski M.D., Ph.D. , Jean-Baptiste Robledo M.D. , Eric Tellier M.D., Ph.D. , Pierre Catoire M.D.

Caroline De La Rivière M.D. , Virginie Lvovschi M.D., Ph.D.  and Cédric Gil-jardiné M.D., Ph.D.

American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2022-06-01, Volume 56, Pages 7-9, Copyright © 2022 Elsevier Inc.

Chronic pain (CP) patients account for 10–40% of those coming to the emergency room (ER) [  ]. Emergency physicians are focused on emergency-level treatment and have little training in the management of CP. It is therefore necessary for emergency physicians to recognize CP and provide an appropriate response when it is the reason for admission [  ]. The most commonly discussed issues in the literature regarding CP patients in the ER are waiting times and patient satisfaction, barriers to accessing care, and strategies for improving care [  ]. This study was performed to compare levels of satisfaction between CP and non-CP patients on discharge from the ER.

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