An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine

חוברת בהוצאת אוניברסיטת קמבריג’ 

Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine
is amuch-needed resource for individuals practicingthis challenging field. This textbook is novel inits approach to emergency medicine topics. Itdescribes in detail the best and most current meth-odsto care for patients in the emergency depart-ment, including initial evaluation, generation of differential diagnoses, problem solving, andmanagement of challenging conditions based onpresenting symptoms. Unlike other textbooks, inwhich the diagnosis is known, this textbookapproaches clinical problems as clinicians managepatients – without full knowledge of the finaldiagnosis. It provides an understanding for howto approach patients with undifferentiated con-ditions, ask the right questions, gather historicaldata, utilize physical examination skills, andorder and interpret appropriate laboratory andradiographic tests. This textbook also providescurrent management and disposition strategieswith controversies presented, including pearls,pitfalls, and myths for topics covered. Chaptersare written by nationally- and internationally-respected clinicians, educators, and researchersin the field of emergency medicine. An
Introductionto Clinical Emergency Medicine
offers just the rightcombination of text, clinical images, and practi-cal information for students, residents, physicianassistants, nurse practitioners, and experiencedphysicians in all medical disciplines. The over-riding goal of this textbook is to improve thepractitioner’s understanding of emergency med-icine principles and practice, directly benefitingpatient care in a variety of emergency settings.

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