Day: ספטמבר 6, 2023

Clinical Performance Measures for Emergency Department Care for Adults With Intracranial Hemorrhage

KoriS.Zachrison,MD,MSc*;JoshuaN.Goldstein,MD,PhD;EdwardJauch,MD,MS;RyanP.Radecki,MD; TracyE.Madsen,MD,PhD;OpeoluAdeoye,MD,MS;JohnA.Oostema,MD,MS;V.RamanaFeeser,MD;LathaGanti,MD,; BruceM.Lo,MD,MBA;WilliamMeurer,MD,MS;MitraCorral,MS,MPH;CraigRothenberg,MPH;AnshitaChaturvedi,MD,MPH; PawanGoyal,MD;ArjunK.Venkatesh,MD,MBA                Though select inpatient-based performance measures exist for the care of patients with nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage, emergency

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