On the Streets : Salient Pre-hospital Considerations for Neurosurgical Emergencies – a Smorgasbord

On this episode of On The Streets, host, Jordan Ourada sits down with neurosurgeon/neurooncologist Dr. Eddie Tsvankin to discuss various topics concerning neurosurgery and how EMS workers in the field can better understand and manage neurological emergencies. In this episode specifically, you’ll hear Jordan and Dr. Tsvankin discuss topics including:

  • Priorities in caring for patients experiencing seizures
  • Short and long-term complications of tumor resection surgery
  • Specifics on how brain tumors are operated on and the difficult decisions that must be made ahead of time
  • Assessment of post-operative incisions and signs of infections
  • How chemotherapy and radiation effect the healing process for neurosurgery patients
  • Dr. Eddie’s thoughts on COVID and how it has impacted his career
  • The ins and outs of ventriculoperitoneal shunts

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