EM Quick Hits 31 NG Tubes in SBO, Hyperacute T-Waves, Malignant Otitis Externa, CCTA in NSTEMI and Low-risk Chest Pain, Canadian Syncope Score

Topics in this EM Quick Hits podcast

Justin Morgenstern on the evidence for nasogastric tubes in small bowel obstruction (0:52)

Jesse MacLaren on hyperacute T-waves and occlusion myocardial infarction (7:53)

Brit Long on malignant otitis externa (12:14)

Salim Rezaie on coronary CT angiography vs. invasive angiography in NSTEMI patients (18:23)

Justin Morgenstern on coronary CT angiography in low-risk chest pain (26:17)

Hans Rosenberg on Canadian syncope score (33:08)

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