ABCDE of prehospital ultrasonography:a narrative review

Rein Ketelaars 1,2*  , Gabby Reijnders , Geert-Jan van Geffen 1,2 , Gert Jan Scheffer  and Nico  oogerwerf 
Prehospital point-of-care ultrasound used by nonradiologists in emergency medicine is gaining ground. It is feasi-ble on-scene and during aeromedical transport and allows health-care professionals to detect or rule out potentialharmful conditions. Consequently, it impacts decision-making in prioritizing care, selecting the best treatment, andthe most suitable transport mode and destination. This increasing relevance of prehospital ultrasonography is due toadvancements in ultrasound devices and related technology, and to a growing number of applications. This narra-tive review aims to present an overview of prehospital ultrasonography literature. The focus is on civilian emergency(trauma and non-trauma) setting. Current and potential future applications are discussed, structured according to theairway, breathing, circulation, disability, and environment/exposure (ABCDE) approach. Aside from diagnostic imple-mentation and specific protocols, procedural guidance, therapeutic ultrasound, and challenges are reviewed.
 Prehospital, Ultrasonography, Diagnostic imaging, Emergency medical services, Air ambulances,Emergency medicine, Review

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